Before we get to the embryo adoption story, consider this: Sure, the knowledge that we’ve put another year of wear and tear on the proverbial tires can be a slight downer. But still, isn’t it safe to say birthdays are generally happy days for most of us? Think about it: You usually spend part of the day with the people who love you most. Maybe you’ll get nice messages via social media or snail mail from old friends with whom you’ve largely lost touch. And the diet? Forget it and indulge a little, right?

We Remember How We Felt

On that one day of the year, we welcome the warmth that accompanies being celebrated and fussed over. How birthdays make us feel is easy to recall. The specific details of how a given birthday unfolded? Not so much. Be honest. How many birthday gifts, meaningful as they genuinely were when you received them, can you actually remember? Embryo adoption mom Theresa Scott has at least one that stands out from the rest. It’ll be lodged in her memory for as long as she draws breath.

Theresa and her husband Reese spent their first few years of marriage enjoying the time together as a young couple. Then they decided it was time to add some children to the family. That was when life turned into a big, confusing mystery.

“Just Relax and It Will Happen…”

“After a year of trying and nothing happening, and being told time and time again ‘Your body works perfectly, just relax and it will happen,’ I couldn’t help but start to feel frustrated; at times angry and sad,” Theresa explains. “It became very emotional and I ended up experiencing some depression.”

Exasperated, Theresa decided she wasn’t going to take ‘relax and it will happen’ for an answer. She asked her doctor, “At what point should we test my husband?”  That was the right question to ask. Within 24 hours they had their answer to what was going wrong: Reese was sterile. It was on to the local fertility clinic to talk over possible next steps.

An Uncertain Path, A Discovery on Facebook

Even then, the path forward was filled with murkiness, not clarity. None of the options the clinic laid out for the Scotts seemed like the right direction.  “After four months of deliberation and prayer, God laid it on our hearts to stop moving forward and take a break to heal and recharge,” Theresa says. “We also started doing some research on traditional adoption. It was during this time of late night research on my phone and scrolling through Facebook that I came across an article about embryo adoption with the National Embryo Donation Center, something I had never heard of.”

Theresa devoured as much info about embryo adoption and the NEDC as she could. There were so many wonderful things, she thought, about this type of adoption. The embryos were tiny lives already in existence (remaining from other people’s rounds of IVF), frozen in time, just waiting for a loving home. Plus, Theresa would be able to carry and give birth to her adopted child. It didn’t take long before Reese was on board, too. “As soon as we both agreed that this was the avenue we wanted to explore, it felt like a huge weight was lifted from us,” Reese and Theresa recall. “It just felt without a doubt that this was the plan and specific type of adoption God had for us all along.”

Best Birthday Ever!

The results couldn’t have been better. The Scotts’ frozen embryo transfer in 2018 resulted in brother-sister twins Huxley and Leah. “They have brought us so much joy and laughter,” Theresa shares. “Hux is a very gentle fella with big feelings. He loves to read, sing, and dance, and he can light a room with his charming smile and infectious laugh. Leah is a sweetie pie with a fierce spirit! She loves to mother her “big” brother even though at the moment they aren’t even 2 yet! She is my little helper and enjoys helping me with everything she can.”

Now that’s a lot of joy! And Theresa will always remember when she first found out her and Reese’s twin blessings were on the way. “When we got our first positive results of pregnancy, it happened to be on my birthday. Wow, what a great gift!”

Common Themes, but Each Story Unique and Fresh

These sorts of stories simply never get old. We at the NEDC have been privileged to see hundreds of other couples become parents through our work. And though there are common themes, each couple’s journey also has a unique freshness to it.  God works in the same way, but never the exact same way, to give hope to those who are struggling and sad. There’s variety to how He does it, but His imprint is always unmistakable. As Theresa puts it: “I do know without a single doubt that God led us through prayer to the NEDC, and that Hux and Leah were created to be our children! We have never felt a love greater.”

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