How much do you “trust your gut?” Do you ever let impressions that you can’t really explain guide your decision-making? Certainly it’s wise, when possible, to step back and test the truth of what our instincts are telling us. But you’ll probably often find, as embryo adoption parents Chris and Lisa Weaver did, that “going with your gut” was the right call.

So Many Questions, So Much Heartache, So Many Prayers

Even before their marriage in 2008, Chris and Lisa knew they wanted to have kids. “In fact,” Lisa says. “I’m pretty sure my only dreams growing up or ever were to be a wife and mother.” Chris was in his early 30s when they tied the knot, Lisa her late 20s. Not time to hit the panic button for fertility, by any means. But they weren’t fresh out of school either. They decided to start trying for a family right away.

“We went through a few years of everything fertility,” the Weavers recall. “The results were zero pregnancies and zero answers as to why. It was such a difficult time with so many questions, so much heartache, so many prayers from everyone we knew.”

Answered Prayers & Roadblocks

Chris and Lisa’s prayers for a child were answered, though not through fertility treatment. During their attempts to get pregnant, they were also pursuing the parallel path of adoption. And that was how they welcomed Charlie into their family. “Charlie is a social butterfly and a leader. He loves being with people, playing outside and sports,” the Weavers share. Chris and Lisa loved parenting him so much, they knew they had to pursue siblings.

They tried to grow their family through adoption again. But they just kept hitting roadblocks. Chris and Lisa were so emotionally fragile after their long journey, they decided to take a step back and hit pause. Somehow during this time, they stumbled across the concept of embryo adoption. And that was when Chris had something like an epiphany. “He had a kind of ‘feeling’ at church one day telling him this was the route to go,” Lisa remembers. “And we just went with and trusted it!”

More Than A Feeling

As they explored embryo adoption more, Chris and Lisa became more and more convinced it was the right path for them. Lisa, in particular, was blown away by the thought of carrying her ‘adopted’ baby. That baby would come from an embryo remaining from another family’s IVF. They felt even more assured when they discovered the faith-based National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC), an embryo adoption nonprofit that aligned with their life-affirming views. “I just remember telling my mom I have a feeling this is the right thing and the perfect place,” Lisa says.

Again, though they couldn’t put their finger on just why, Lisa found herself trusting that this route just seemed right. Even the process of selecting which embryos to adopt couldn’t have worked out any better. “I remember thinking ‘Do we just throw the papers in the air and see which one lands on the couch?’ or something,” Lisa recalls. “But we ended up choosing a set of embryos that had a birth mom who loved playing hide & seek and building forts as a child, which totally matched what our oldest, Charlie, loved doing!”

Lisa and Chris made the trip to Knoxville, where the NEDC is located, for their frozen embryo transfer in September 2016. In May 2017, they were elated to welcome twin sons Lucas and Thomas as a result of that transfer. Now 4 years old, the Weavers describe their twins as leaders who love riding bikes, playing together non-stop, and –of course- enjoy a good game of hide & seek with big brother Charlie.

“Charlie, Lucas and Thomas are everything to us,” Chris and Lisa say. “We could not love them more, and we feel blessed that God has given them to us.”

The Right Call

Now that they’ve completed their family picture, Chris and Lisa are even more certain that trusting their instincts on embryo adoption was the right choice. They were glad it allowed them to adopt, making that a common thread all their boys share. Yet it also allowed Lisa, who had never been pregnant, to experience the wonder of carrying babies and giving birth. And there’s one more blessing they’ve come to appreciate. “We have a connection with both sets of birth parents,” the Weavers share. “Over time, these connections have grown to be great relationships.”

So many blessings, all because of a spark of inspiration at church. “Just going with it” may not be the best approach to all of life’s decisions. But on the other hand, absent a good reason to press ‘pause’, there are times when following a powerful impulse is the right course. In the case of Chris and Lisa, they believe it was the biblical “still, small voice” leading them all the way. It was the direction they needed to follow to create the family they’ll be building the rest of their lives around.

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