Sometimes what seems late from a human perspective is actually right on time in God’s eyes. Embryo adoption parents Ronnie and Leslie Hollowell are a perfect case in point.

Finally Found Someone

They met at church a little more than a decade ago. Leslie was the girls’ ministry director, and Ronnie was the photographer at a youth event one evening. He worked up the courage to introduce himself to her and the rest is history. Within two years, they married. Ronnie was in his early forties and Leslie was in her late thirties.

“We were told that due to age and other factors, our chances of getting pregnant were less than .5%,” Leslie recalls. “We realized that God is bigger than .5% and just began asking the Lord to show us what His desires and plans were for our life.” They remained firm in their trust of God and His goodness. Yet Ronnie and Leslie were also sad and disheartened.

Sticking to Scriptures

During this time, Leslie gained encouragement as she ran across specific passages in her personal and group Bible studies. A couple that stood out were Psalm 113:9 (“He will settle the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children.”) and Genesis 15:4 (“…a son coming from your own body will be your heir.”). “I felt like the Lord had truly spoken to my heart and I couldn’t wait to share this with my husband,” says Leslie.

Not long after, Leslie began to learn about embryo adoption and saw it as an increasingly intriguing possibility. She really felt God might be saying something to her when, over the course of one week, she heard about embryo adoption three times: once on a radio broadcast, and twice in magazine articles.


At first, Ronnie wasn’t on board. “But as only God can do, He had Ronnie run into a couple he had known for years from church, and they were pregnant through embryo adoption,” Leslie remembers. “We later ended up having lunch with them and their precious daughter, and God used them to help change my husband’s heart.”

Now set on a definite direction, the Hollowells made the journey to the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was only a few hours from their home. There, NEDC President and Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Keenan performed their frozen embryo transfer.

Hello to Hudson

Nine months later, in 2012, after four long years of tears and uncertainty, Leslie gave birth to Hudson. “God has gifted Hudson in so many ways and some days we are honestly blown away. He loves to be outdoors and has a love for obstacle courses (thanks to American Ninja Warrior). He absolutely loves school and is excelling in reading and math and PE,” Ronnie and Leslie say. “Hudson is the youngest grandchild on both sides of our families. All of our nieces and nephews want ‘Hudson Time’ when we’re together.”

“We will never be able to express the gratitude we have for the NEDC and Dr. Keenan,” the Hollowells now say. Though they got married and became parents “late” from a human perspective, in actuality Ronnie and Leslie were never behind schedule. God ensures that all His plans work out in their proper time, including –for Ronnie, Leslie and their families- Hudson Time.

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