Working on a dream becomes an easier lift when others are there to encourage you. Embryo adoption parents Jordan and Nicole Terry had an arduous road to parenthood. Thankfully, plenty of people offered vital encouragement to keep them going, but none more important than the reassurance they offered each other.

“Three months after Jordan and I met, I went to China and a man walked up to me in the middle of the street, placed a baby in my arms, and begged me to ‘take to America.’ I made a very long distance call home that night and told Jordan I hoped he’d be okay with adopting at least one child,” Nicole recalls. “I firmly believe that event is what God used to open our hearts and minds towards loving and raising children who did not necessarily look like us or share our DNA.”


Their vision was to have a few children naturally and then adopt. But after they married in 2010, Jordan and Nicole experienced the devastation of infertility. Years of frustration followed. Nicole’s delicate emotional state as they left their fifth (and final) treatment left an imprint on Jordan’s soul. “She broke down sobbing and said, ‘But what if it doesn’t work?’ That was the lowest point for me because I felt totally helpless, and I knew she did too,” Jordan remembers.

“Jordan was my rock,” Nicole says, describing her husband as the essence of patience. “When one of you is the reason that both of you can’t have what you want, it can make or break a marriage. It made ours.”

Where Now?

The Terrys weren’t sure where to go next. God soon provided the answer via social media, of all things. Nicole got directed to an article in which adoptive mom Leslie Hollowell shared how God used the National Embryo Donation Center to give her the pregnancy –and, more importantly, the son- she thought she might never have. After doing their homework, it was soon Jordan and Nicole who were in Knoxville for a frozen embryo transfer at the NEDC.

“We left believing that if we were not able to become pregnant through the NEDC, it simply wasn’t possible,” the Terrys say. “Somehow, it was just as important to these complete strangers that we have a baby as it was to us.”

A Dream Realized

In late 2017, the prayers of Jordan and Nicole and their encouragers -extended family, friends and the NEDC staff- were answered when Nicole gave birth to Davis. The Terrys say he’s a happy, healthy baby who’s just starting to melt their hearts in a new way as he learns to smile. “The time I have with him in the mornings is so special to me.  We get to hang out without any interruptions while I change him, feed him, and then hold him while watching the news and weather,” Jordan says.

He Can Still Be The Hulk

Nicole adds, “Our extended family is smitten! Our nephews (5 and 3) can’t wait for him to get big enough to play superhero with them. I’m told he is not disqualified from being the Hulk even though he was 4 lbs. 6 oz. at birth!”

It’s not just the pursuit of a dream, but also the celebration of its fulfillment that’s made better when shared with others. “Our parents adore and spoil Davis as all grandparents do,” Nicole says. “And good luck getting a turn to hold him if his aunt or uncles are around!” The Terrys are savoring these special moments and, with plans to return to China and add to their family through international adoption, thankful for the promise of more days to treasure ahead.

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