Enjoy the story of embryo adoption parents Anthony and Heidi Wiles, first in the form of a short video, and then as told below by Heidi.

Blue Bloods

Anthony and I met at work in 2009 and were married in 2010. He is an Alaska State Trooper, and I was an emergency dispatcher with the Troopers at that time.

We both wanted children and began trying to have a baby right after we were married. After three years of trying, we finally went and got some testing done. We were told our only chance of conceiving was IVF. We were devastated. There was no way we could afford IVF, not to mention how physically taxing it’s known to be.

Taking Some Time

It took us some time before we really looked into other options, knowing our chance of ever having biological children was slim. Even having a heart for adoption, that was hard to deal with emotionally. You just expect that your life will follow a certain path, and when that suddenly changes, it can be devastating. Anthony and I had planned on a large family; we wanted a house full of little ‘mini-me’s.

At this point, our focus changed and we started praying that the Lord would give us the child or children he had for us.. We started looking into adoption. We then had three different adoptions fall through at the last minute within the same summer. So we just kept praying. I knew the Lord must have something special for our family, but it was NOT a fun road getting there.

Stumbling, Fortuitously

Finally, we stumbled across embryo adoption. It sounded a little crazy at first, but if a baby was the end result, why not look into it? The more we looked, the more convinced we became that the Lord was leading us to embryo adoption. We researched different agencies, and felt the National Embryo Donation Center was where we needed to be. They had great success rates, and it was a far more affordable option than any we’d looked into to date. It was also appealing that I’d be able to carry our children myself.

Our son Malachi is eight months old now, and I know that he was meant for us. He is the light of our lives, just the biggest blessing. There are so many times we look at our sweet son and are just overwhelmed with gratitude that he’s ours. It took us seven long years to have a baby – and we wouldn’t take back one day, one tear, that led us to him.

We are so grateful that embryo adoption was an option for us, and for the team at the NEDC that helped make our dreams a reality. We are planning to return to the NEDC, and are praying for a brother or sister for our sweet Malachi!

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