Miracles do happen, embryo adoption parents Jonathan and Kelly Vaver say, even when they’re long in developing. For Jonathan and Kelly, their first miracle was meeting each other in their mid-thirties. After years of loneliness and praying for a spouse, they met at church through a mutual friend. Jonathan and Kelly got married after 15 months of dating and found that their marriage together was definitely worth the wait.

A Thrilling Sensation, A Tragic Turn, A Continued Longing

Knowing that it could be difficult to get pregnant after the age of 35, Jonathan and Kelly were thrilled when Kelly got pregnant after only six months of marriage. Tragically, Kelly miscarried at the end of her first trimester. They were devastated. Adding to the heartache, they were unable to get pregnant again. Medical tests revealed that Kelly’s egg supply was extremely low. It was a dark time of sorrow and grief as Jonathan and Kelly longed to be parents.

Next, the Vavers pursued foster care. They loved the children who came in and out of their home, but Kelly still longed to carry a baby in her womb and have a child they could call their own. Because they believed in the sanctity of life from its earliest stage (conception), she did extensive research about embryo adoption . They didn’t want to undergo any procedure that would violate their morals and beliefs. When Kelly discovered the National Embryo Donation Center online, she was overjoyed to find a place that valued the sanctity of life as much as she and Jonathan did.

Tears of Joy

Although the miscarriage had been tragic, it gave Kelly hope that she could carry a pregnancy; all she needed was a healthy embryo. NEDC President & Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Keenan agreed. He and the staff performed a textbook perfect transfer. They said it couldn’t have gone better. Then, weeks later, the Vavers shed tears of joy at the news Kelly was pregnant. And nine months later, she delivered a beautifully healthy baby boy.

Jonathan and Kelly named their baby “Samuel”, which means “God has heard.” They knew God heard their hearts’ cry to have a baby, and they believe God will also hear Samuel’s voice as he grows. The Vavers describe Samuel as a ray of sunshine with bright eyes and a smile that lights up the room. He loves to laugh, play with his parents, and have books read to him.

Living Proof

Samuel is living proof that miracles do happen, the Vavers say. And he’s also proof that God is faithful, even in the darkest times. Jonathan and Kelly are grateful to Dr. Keenan and the NEDC for their warmth, optimism, and quest to give every precious embryo the chance to have a loving home. Embryo adoption, Jonathan and Kelly say, was one of the best decisions they ever made.

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